Five Days National Workshop on “Rietveld Refinement of XRD Data”

A five-day National Webinar on “Rietveld Refinement of XRD Data” was organised from September 13-17, 2021 on the WebEx platform from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. The workshop was coordinated by Prof Tanuj Gupta, Dr Ankur Pandya, and Dr Chetna Chauhan from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University. The workshop received an overwhelming response. Many participants, including faculty and students from different institutes/universities across India such as SVNIT-Surat, Rajasthan University, Manipal University, Saurashtra University, etc. had registered for this workshop.

The prime objective of this workshop was to provide an introduction to basic concepts of X-ray Diffraction. Further, this workshop aimed to impart a basic understanding of different tools used for XRD analysis such as FullProf and VESTA.

Dr. Dhaval Pujara, Head of the Electronics and Communication Engineering, Institute of Technology presented the welcoming address. The eminent speakers from the Physics domain Dr Brajesh Tiwari, Assistant Professor, IITRAM, Ahmedabad; Dr Devang Shah, Assistant Professor, and Head, Government Arts and Science College, Bavla, Ahmedabad, delivered the expert talks on various topics related to the workshop.
Formal and informal feedback was taken at the end of the workshop and received good responses from the participants. Many polls were conducted through WebEx during the webinar to test the knowledge of the audience. The certificate of participation was issued to those participants who had successfully attended the webinar.

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