Online Orientation Programme

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organised a two-days Online Orientation Programme for the students of B Tech, Semester III, V, and VII. The introductory talk was delivered by Dr Dhaval Pujara, Head of Department, briefing the students about the programme objectives, and the expected outcomes.

In the first session, the students were divided into two groups. The first talk for the students of Semester III was delivered by Dr N P Gajjar, Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering on ‘Dynamic Learning for Bright Future’. He shared his experience with the former batches of EC in terms of their career and placements. He discussed the challenges and hurdles faced by the students and insisted the students come out with solutions for those problems. The parallel session for the students of semester V and VII was taken by Mr Kathan Shukla, a 2014 Graduate from Nirma University who then pursued Masters in Computer Engineering from the Arizona State University. Currently, he is working as a Software Engineer at Google in Silicon Valley. He addressed the students on ‘My Journey from Nirma to Google’. He shared his experiences of studying abroad, preparations required, the concept of academic journey and how to utilize the opportunities available at Nirma to shape their academic journey and reach the desired goal.

The second session was delivered by Sadhu Shri Akhsratit Ji, UAE-BAPS. He gave a talk on ‘Exploring Horizons’ and discussed the important pillars for managing life, i.e. managing self, managing others, managing time and managing work. He stressed upon conspicuous consumption, i.e. not to use anything if it is not needed and asked the students to imbibe honesty, integrity, humility, and morality in life.

There were two sessions post-lunch break and the students were again divided into two groups. The first session for semester III students was delivered by Dr Akash Mecwan, Assistant Professor (EC) along with the student members of the ECO (a student body of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering). In a parallel session for semesters V and VII students, Shri Sanjay Adhikari, Founder, Embedkari talked about “Case Study of Current Industry Skills and Possible Alignment with Industry Program”. The last session for the first day was delivered by Dr Parth Vaishnav, Consultant Psychiatrist & De-addiction Expert, Samvedna Happiness Hospital, Ahmedabad on ‘The New Normal – the Life Change after COVID Outbreak, the Stress, and Depression’. He discussed some important and serious issues related to addiction, covering addiction to social media, cell phones, and an increase in drug- related issues. He explained the effects of such dreadful consumptions, made the students understand the consequences, and spread the awareness in this regard.

The second day of the Orientation programme started with a talk on ‘Online Teaching and Learning through Cisco Webex’ by Prof Sachin Gajjar and Prof Rutul Patel and the faculty members from the Department of ECE, Nirma University. Prof Vaishali Dhare and Prof Tanuj Gupta explained, ‘Moodle – Introduction to Learning Management System’. Mr Rakshit Goyel, Mr Shivang Dalal, Ms Aditi Bhatnagar (Alumni of EC) motivated the Semester III students with their deliberations on the topic ‘Little Things to Know, Before Stepping In’. The parallel session for the students of semester students was delivered by Mr Parimal Govani, Scientist, SAC-ISRO (Alumnus-ITNU) on the topic ‘My Contribution and Journey with Indian Space Programme’.

The closing remarks were given by Dr Dhaval Pujara, Head of Department. The students interacted with the HOD and asked questions related to the upcoming semester.

All the sessions were very well received by the students. They appreciated the knowledge and information gained from the speakers as well as the participation in the class activity.