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Gaurang R Upasani

Platform Performance Architect, Google
Batch of 2004 – 2007, BTech

I graduated from Nirma University in 2007 with a B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Like almost all my batch mates, I came in with very high expectations from the University and the Faculty. It was the most invigorating and intellectually stimulating environment…. between the professors and competitive colleagues, it was an experience that I still cherish!  Looking back, the hands-on practices, brain-storming discussions, updated course structure and guidance from faculty at Nirma University, greatly influenced my trajectory as a researcher and the ability to thrive in ambiguity by constantly challenging status-quo! The freedom to use the available
infrastructure instilled early seeds of a hacker in me. The amount of time and energy invested there, has been giving promising rewards and will continue the trend throughout. The University has a solid network of Alumni who have gone on to become world leaders, executives in multinational companies, innovators, engineers, teachers and philanthropists, following myriad occupations and avocations. Their stories inspire great pride for all of us as they remind us of the true mission of the University. The Alumni Association comes across thousands of such personal stories each year as part of our mission to share and preserve them. For more than a couple of decades now, the university has steadfastly provided the opportunity for excellence in education not for a privileged few, but for many.

Despite being very young compared to the rest of the other well-known institutes across the country, Nirma University has maintained a remarkable performance and is constantly striving for excellence. With the tireless efforts by the experienced management and the invaluable
feedback from the growing alumni network in the direction to make the system more flexible, I see it is not difficult for the institute to achieve even greater accolades.