Online Orientation Programme for B.Tech. EC Semester III, V, and VII

The Department of Electronics and Communication (EC) Engineering organised a one-day Online Orientation Programme for the students of BTech, Semester III, V, and VII. The schedule was prepared at the department level in coordination with the Coordinators Dr Yogesh Trivedi, Dr Vaishali Dhare, Prof Bhavin Kakani, and HOD-EC.



The detailed schedule is as follows:

Time Semester III Semester V Semester VII
10:15 to 11:00 am  Welcome Address & Session on “Building your Biodata”

Dr Dhaval Pujara

Head of the Department, Department of EC Engg.,     IT-NU, Ahmedabad

11:15 to 12:00 pm  Innovative Bent of Mind for Engineers

Dr Avinash Nagraj

Vice President – Product Management, Jekson Vision Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

12:00 to 1:15 pm Lunch Break
1:15 to 2:00 pm “Why So Serious, Son?”

Mr Rahul Sangavi

Entrepreneur, Independent Consultant, Doctoral Candidate at IIMA

2:15 to 3:00 pm Fun Activities

Team ECO

3:05 to 3:45 pm Documentary and About ECO

Team ECO

4:00 to 4:45 pm Social Media and Addiction

Dr ParthVaishnav

Consultant Psychiatrist & Deaddiction Expert

Awareness of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

Mr Bharat Goyal

Patent Officer, Delhi

4:45 to 5:15 pm Feedback

The orientation program began on July 22, 2021 (10:10 am) with prayer and welcoming of the students by HOD, EC. The event was attended by all the students and faculty members. The HoD-EC addressed all the students and briefed them about the academic disciples and regulatory norms to follow during this unprecedented situation. It was followed by a session on “Building Your Biodata” by Dr Dhaval Pujara, HOD, EC from 10:15 am – 11:00 am. The speaker shared his experience and knowledge on the creation of a professional resume. The speaker advised on choosing the right resume format, the required and relevant information to add, specifying the skills in the resume, and also demonstrated a few samples of resumes to the students. The second session (11:10 am to 12:00 pm) was conducted by an Industry personnel Dr Avinash Nagaraj, Vice president, Product management, Jackson Vision Pvt. Ltd. The speaker delivered a talk on “Innovative Bent of Mind for an Engineer”. The speaker suggested to the students to think out of the box, apply the studied logic to solve real-world problems, and not limit up to knowledge within oneself. The post-lunch session was conducted by Mr Rahul Sanghavi, an alumnus of Nirma University and entrepreneur, independent consultant, and doctoral candidate at IIM, Ahmedabad. His session mainly was on stress management and entrepreneurship assistance to young minds by Govt. of India. He interacted with the students and imparted valuable tips and advice on getting financial assistance for implementing ideas.The next two sessions were conducted by the students of the Electronics and Communication organization (ECO) team. Looking at a large number of students, six parallel sessions were framed for smooth conducting of the events. All the students of semesters III, V, and VII were distributed among these six sessions. The said session was organised to create bonding between the senior and junior students. The team ECO planned various games and fun activities to refresh the minds of the audience. Activities like chasing the word, wiki leaks, and other interactive activities were played during the session.The final session was conducted by Dr Parth Vaishnav, a renowned consultant, psychiatrist, and deaddiction expert on “Social media and addiction”. This session was attended by students of semester III of the Electronics and Electrical Engineering departments. The speaker raised a very important issue of social media addiction. He mentioned that Addictive social media use will look much like that of any other substance use disorder, including mood modification (i.e., engagement in social media leads to a favorable change in emotional states), salience (i.e., behavioral, cognitive, and emotional preoccupation with social media), tolerance (i.e., the ever-increasing use of social media over time), withdrawal symptoms (i.e., experiencing unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms when social media use is restricted or stopped), conflict (i.e., interpersonal problems ensue because of social media usage), and relapse (i.e., addicted individuals quickly revert to their excessive social media usage after an abstinence period). Another parallel session for semester V and semester VII students was conducted by Nirma Alumnus Mr Bharat Goyal, a Patent officer on the topic “Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights”. He motivated students for working towards patent filing, which is today’s need of our country. He also explained the process of filing patents systematically.Dr Y N Trivedi, Coordinator, Orientation programme B.Tech. concluded the Orientation programme and thanked the Director IT, Dr R N Patel and the HoD Dr D A Pujara for assigning the responsibility of the orientation program to his team. Dr Trivedi thanked the faculty members of EC for their wholehearted support. He also thanked all the students for participating and enjoying this program tirelessly for the whole day on ONLINE mode. Finally, Dr Trivedi acknowledged the dedication of the Key persons, Prof Bhavin Kakani and Prof Vaishali Dhare, for the design and execution of the program.

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