Online Workshop on Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University organised an online workshop on “Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” from October 2-4, 2021. The three-day workshop was organised in collaboration with Vodafone Idea Foundation and was conducted on online mode and the objective of the workshop was to familiarize the participants with (i) Basics of Artificial Intelligence, (ii) Concepts of Machine learning algorithms, (iii) Use of Python for Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The workshop was conducted by Mr Jonathan Rajiv, Senior Program Manager from Vodafone Idea Foundation, and coordinated by Dr Sachin Gajjar from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. During the programme, apart from the lectures by the experts, there were hands-on sessions on various concepts related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning using the Anaconda framework.

On the first day, the workshop started with an introductory session on Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the History, Classification of AI, Real-world Applications of AI were discussed. It was followed by a discussion on  Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Types of Machine Learning, and Machine Learning Project Life Cycle with demonstration.

On the second day, the Machine learning (ML) Models viz. Simple Linear Regression and Evaluation Metrics: Regression,  Mean Square Error, RMSE, MAE, Classification Algorithm –KNN, Evaluation Metrics- Confusion matrix, Accuracy Score, F1-Score were discussed.

The third day started with Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Activation Functions, Forward and Backpropagation, deep learning frameworks, MNIST Classification using deep learning, Number Plate Recognition. ML Model Deployment with Streamlit web application was presented in the last session.

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